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Leica HI1220 Flattening table for clinical histopathology

The Leica HI1220 flattening table has a large jet black aluminum work surface to provide high thermal conductivity rates and outstanding resistance to mechanical manipulations.

Temperatures ranging from ambient to 75°C can be selected, with work surface temperatures above 44°C being indicated by a flashing LED, to guard against overheating of specimens.

The programmed, as well as the current, temperatures are displayed on the instrument and the set values are memorized via a built-in battery backup system.

Select a configuration



Product Features

LED display

Programmed as well as current temperatures are shown on an LED display while the selected temperature set value is memorized via a built-in battery backup system.

Less sensitive to water

Membrane keyboard is less sensitive to water and paraffin contamination and more easily cleaned.

Better contrast

Jet black surface with scratch-proof plastic coating, provides better contrast to identify sections and an easy to clean surface.