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HistoCore Water Bath


Makes your slides floating and drying easier

The HistoCore Water Bath helps flattening and picking up floating sections. Visibility and efficiency are of vital importance, ensured with

  • A detachable water tray
  • Black water tray providing good visibility and contrast
  • LED illumination helping with visibility and contrast
  • Anodizing treatment improving coating durability
  • OLED touch panel to control and indicate both water bath and slide dryer;
  • Intuitive user interface, making it easy to access and learn;
  • Dimension: 280 mm x 280 mm x 105 mm;
  • Heating temperature: up to 60°C.
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Product Features

Visibility and contrast

Black water tray provides strong contrast and is supported by an internal LED illumination.


Sectioning workstation optimization

A combined control panel for the HistoCore Water Bath and HistoCore Slide Dryer makes section handling easier and keeps the laboratory organized.


OLED Control panel

Touch panel for temperature & operation mode control including:

  • 3-digits water temperature display
  • Icon displays to show real-time working mode
  • Lean display mode to minimize light pollution

Detachable water tray

  • Easy water exchange
  • Black coating provides good contrast
  • Anodizing treatment improves coating durability

Product Specifications

Mechanical & Electrical Specifications

Instrument Dimensions (W x D x H): 280 x 280 x 105 mm
Main input fuses: 10A 250VAC
Empty weight: 3 kg (without accessories)
Device weight including packaging (kg): 3 kg (with accessories)
Nominal supply voltage: 100-120VAC/220-240VAC
Power consumption: 960W max at 100-120VAC
1200W max at 220-240VAC
Device weight including packaging: 4 kg
Overall size serial packaging (W x D x H): 415 x 395 x 215mm

Functional Specifications

Heating temperature: Up to 75°C
Number of Slide Dryer connection: 2
Temperature (operation) (min/max): 15 - 40°C

Other Specifications

Certifications: CE