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Leica ST5010-CV5030 Routine Staining & Coverslipping

Leica ST5010-CV5030 Integrated Workstation


Can the Autostainer and Multistainer Workstations also be operated with the deep load container in the Coverslipper?

Yes, since August 2006, both workstations can be operated with the deep load container. Thus, the covering on the slides will be improved and problems during coverslipping, like the forming of bubbles, will be eliminated. In order to ensure the proper function of the deep load container in the CV/ST combinations, the workstations have to be modified before using the container. A catch plate is already installed and the spacer has to be modified to ensure correct function. Please contact your local Leica service representative for further details. Without prior retrofitting of the instruments, the use of the deep load container will lead to substantial functional problems.

The upper part of the sections on the specimen slides is dried out

  • The stroke of the mounting media may need to be adjusted toward the top of the slide.
  • The volume of mounting media may need to be increased.
  • The solvent level in the xylene bath may not be sufficiently high enough to cover the top of the slides to help with the even dispensing of the mounting media, and is therefore creating bubbles or drying artefact.
  • If the maximum fill level is not sufficient to cover entire specimens on slides, you may need to use the higher load container:
14047839657 Load container for slides racks (Xylene bath), deep
Keep in mind, however, that by default the higher container is compatible only with the stand-alone Leica CV5030. In operation as a workstation (Leica ST5020/CV5030 or ST5010 (Autostainer XL)/CV5030) the higher container is compatible only after corresponding modifications. In this case, please call the Leica Microsystems Service.