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Eosin (Aqueous) Secondary/Counter Stains Consumables

Eosin (Aqueous) Secondary/Counter Stains

Aqueous Eosin
Aqueous Eosin

Convenient, cost-effective, water-based Eosin can be used in histology for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining.

Manufactured under stringent quality control, this ready-to-use product ensures greater consistency and reproducibility compared to stains made up in the laboratory.

Available in various quantities.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3801590BBE AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (5LTR BAG IN A BOX) 1 pieces of 1 Box
3801590E AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (5LTR) 1 pieces
3801591E AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (2.5LTR) 1 pieces
3801592E AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (1 LITRE) 1 pieces
3801590BBEF AQUEOUS EOSIN 1%(5LTR BAG IN BOX)delete 1 Box
3801590BBEP AQUEOUS EOSIN 1%(5LTR BAG IN BOX)delete 1 Box
3801590EF AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (5LTR)delete 1 pieces
3801590EP Eosina (acuosa), 5 litros delete DELETE 1 pieces
3801591EF AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (2.5LTR) DELETE 1 pieces
3801591EP AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (2.5LTR) delete 1 pieces
3801592EF AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (1 LITRE) delete 1 pieces
3801592EP AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (1 LITRE) DELETE 1 pieces
3801592ES AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (500ml) SAMPLE 1 pieces
3801592ESP AQUEOUS EOSIN 1% (500ml) SAMPLE