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Xylenes, Purified Solvents Consumables

Xylenes, Purified Solvents

Xylenes, Purified
Xylenes, Purified

Purified Xylenes are highly refined, pure filtered and laboratory tested to ensure consistent high quality for all histology and cytology procedures.

Its high solvency ensures rapid and complete de-waxing and clearing.

Available in non-breakable solvent-resistant 1 gallon (3.8 L) containers or in a case of 4 x 1 gallons.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3803665 XYLENE (4 GALS (15.1L)) 1 Case of 4 pieces
3803668 XYLENE (DRUM) 1 Drum
3803665EG XYLENE 5 LITER .25 Box of 4 pieces