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Activflo Mini Biopsy Cassette Consumables

Activflo Mini Biopsy Cassette

ActivFlo Mini Cassette
ActivFlo Mini Cassette

Activflo Mini Cassettes are one third the size of standard cassettes, ideal for needle biopsies and small tissues.

The cassettes feature sloped walls, creating a basket for small tissue management. The smaller size allows for double the number of blocks to be stored, decreasing the space required for specimen storage. An excellent solution for microwave and rapid tissue processors.

Available in eleven colors.


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Code Name Show all details Unit size Qty
39LC-675-1-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-White 1 Piece
39LC-675-2-500 Leica ActivFlow Mini Biopsy-Blue 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-3-500 Leica ActivFlow Mini Biopsy-Aqua 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-4-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Green 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-5-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Lilac 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-6-500 Leica ActivFlow Mini Biopsy-Pink 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-7-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Orange 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-8-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Gold 1 Piece
39LC-675-9-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Yellow 500 1 Piece
39LC-675-10-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Tan 1 Piece
39LC-675-11-500 Leica ActivFlo Mini Biopsy-Gray 500 1 Piece