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Splinter & Potts-Smith Foreceps Consumables

Splinter & Potts-Smith Foreceps

Splinter and Potts-Smith Forceps
Splinter and Potts-Smith Forceps

The Splinter and Potts-Smith forceps are known for their elongated handles and long tip length.

The pin to hole construction maintains alignment and creates passivity for the specimen. 

Available straight or curved.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
38DI18030 FORCEP SPLINTER 6 SER 1 pieces
38DI18031 Splinter & Potts-Smith Forcep, Smooth 6" 1 pieces
38DI23356 FORCEP SPLINTER 7 SP TYPE 1.5 1 pieces
38DI23361 FORCEP SPLNTR 8.25 SP TYPE 1.5 1 pieces
38DI23366 FORCEP SPLNTR 9.5 SP TYPE 1.5 1 pieces