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"See Through" 20 Slide Folder Consumables

"See Through" 20 Slide Folder

The "See Through" 20 Slide Folder is a sturdy, solvent-resistant folder designed to hold 20 microscope slides featuring a clear "see through" flip top cover. Micro slides rest upon four raised buttons offering a pop-up effect for easy retrieval and faster drying time.

Multiple folders are stackable in the open or closed position. Cover flaps are secured to the base using five attachment clips. Folders are easily cleaned using warm water and soap and can be used over and over for many years.

It has a transparent cover for easy identification of slide specimen. Available in a case of 15 folders.


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3802620 20 SLIDE FOLDER CLEAR PLASTIC (15) 1 Case of 15 pieces
380857620 Plastic slide tray flip top-white (NL)
380857621 Plastic slide tray w/o lid - white (NL)
380857622 Plastic slide tray with lid - blue (NL)
380857623 Plastic slide tray with lid - blue (NL)