Dual or Multiple Syringe Pump Stereotaxic myneurolab

Dual or Multiple Syringe Pump Precise Stepper Motor

Dual Syringe Pump

These dual syringe pumps offer quick convenient operation.

Some include five operating modes plus independent rate and volume settings for both infusion and withdrawal.

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Easy 4 Button Control

Four buttons to scroll the menu on the LCD screen and select. Easy, transparent operation.

Programmable Option

Programmable allows up to 8 timed steps, which may be pauses or ramped rate changes

Infusion Only, Infusion/Withdrawal, or Push-Pull simultaneously

Syringe holder rack and software may only push, push or pull, or push and pull with a pair of syringes facing away from each other.

Serial Port and TTL External Control

Two or more syringe models include RS232 serial port and 9 pin TTL ports for external controls and interface with other instruments. Trigger, gate, "in motion", completed, alarm, and other functions.