Impact One Stereotaxic myneurolab

Impact One for Reproducible Neurotrauma

Impact One™ Stereotaxic CCI Instrument (stereotaxic instrument not included)

The Stereotaxic Impactor actuator part mounts directly on your stereotaxic instrument (sold separately). This allows an unprecedented degree of reproducablity of the position and direction of impact.

Use the sterotaxic manipulator to achieve the desired location and angle to impact skull, brain tissue, or spinal cord. Or impact anywhere as a stimulator for tactile evoked potential studies. The electromagnetic force applied can impart impact velocities from 1.5 m/s to 6 m/s. Preset the digital display to the desired impact velocity, set the dwell time (time the impactor remains extended and in contact, before retracting) on a thumbwheel switch and position the impactor to the desired impact location and angle.

Touch the probe down while extended, the contact sensor will indicate the exact point of contact for reproducable results. Retract the impactor tip, lower the impactor by the amount of the desired impact depth, and press the switch. The tip will accelerate down to the extended distance, reaching the preset velocity by the end of the travel, and remain forced there for the dwell time, then retract automatically.

Comes with a selection of 2 inch long impactor tips with sizes (1,1.5, 2, 3 and 5 mm). Fully instrumented studies in the lab found a much greater reproducibilty over a popular pneumatic model that tended to overshoot by variable amounts (Brody, et. al. see publications tab).

Reliable and consistent impact velocity, controlled and reproducable position and angle of impact, and controlled dwell time are the design features of this instrument.

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Stereotaxic Accuracy of Position

The remote actuator mounts on most makes of stereotaxic instruments, which enables as much as 10 microns resolution for control of point of impact and depth of penetration.

Reproducible Impacts

A study by Brody et al, cited below, finds that this technology of moving electrical coil yields much more reproducible impacts than pneumatic impactors.

Selection of interchangeable tips sizes.

Comes with a set of 5 sizes of impact tips, easily interchanged to suit your experimental needs.


Much lower price than competing technologies.