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Ugur Ozerdem

M.D., Clinician, Department of Pathology

Ugur Ozerdem, M.D.,
Clinician, Department of Pathology,
Yale University School of Medicine,
Yale New Haven Hospital, 20 York Street
EP2, Room 631A
New Haven, Connecticut (06504) U.S.A.

Published Pieces by Ugur Ozerdem

Case Studies (Knowledge Pathway)

There is a paradigm shift in breast biopsy philosophy. In the past radiologists and clinicians used to collect as little tissue as possible for pathologists to render a diagnosis on conventional histologic H&E sections.

Case Studies (Knowledge Pathway)

Histopathologic examination of adequate, minimally invasive breast core biopsy samples corresponding to an abnormal radiological finding is the standard of care prior to any therapeutic intervention or mammographic surveillance decision.