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Research Microtomes

Research Rotary Microtomy Solutions

Built on 145+ years of market-leading microtomes, Leica Biosystems offers the next generation of microtomes specially designed for research and industry.

Research Rotary Microtomy Solutions

New Worlds Discovered - Research Reimagined

The new portfolio of Research Microtomes facilitates faster trimming with new coarse feed wheel options allowing you to customize the direction of rotation. Broaden your research with a wide selection of blade and specimen holders enabling you to discover new breakthroughs in research for biomedical to industrial applications.


When your microtomy involves diverse samples in order to discover new breakthroughs in your research projects, then NANOCUT R is the optimal solution for you.

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Leica RM CoolClamp

Cools your specimens, improves workflow and helps to create uniform paraffin sections

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Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of blades, knives, oils and slides. Order now at our online shop.

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Educational Resources

4 Tips for Buying a Microtome

What should you look for when purchasing a microtome? Here, we offer 4 tips that will help you through the process. These tips are meant to be a helpful reminder of important considerations when making a purchasing decision.

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Microtome Comparison Guide

Reliable and precise microtomes are designed to provide high-quality sections and enhanced efficiency while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Read more in this research microtome buying guide.

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High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) using the HistoCore NANOCUT R Rotary Microtome by Leica Biosystems

This white paper highlights how performing automated sections using the Leica HistoCore NANOCUT R microtome led to increased reproducibility of key parameters, like the cutting surface and precise positioning of the block, leading to perfect alignment of the sections, and enhanced quality of 3D reconstructions.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.