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Clinical Microtomes

Clinical Microtomes

Experience You Can Trust

For 150 years, Leica Biosystems has been the global leader in microtomy, enabling consistent, high-quality tissue sectioning as a prerequisite for optimal slide staining.

Passionate about Quality, Committed to Safety

Safety, ergonomics, and efficiency are paramount in sectioning.  Precision engineering and intelligent automation reduce injury risk and maximize microtomist comfort.

Tailor your microtome station your way to optimize workflow and deliver consistent ribboning and high-quality sections from the first cut to the last.

Unsure which rotary microtome to choose? Let these additional resources help you through the process.

4 Tips to Buying a Microtome

Leica Biosystems Microtome Comparison Guide

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Choose the HistoCore AUTOCUT fully automated rotary microtome for fast, accurate and fatigue-free clinical sectioning.

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Select the semi-automated HistoCore MULTICUT for the feel of manual hand wheel operation with the consistency of motorized feed.

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HistoCore BIOCUT

The HistoCore BIOCUT is the next generation of manual rotary microtome for precise manual sectioning.

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Leica RM2125 RTS

For economical routine sectioning, choose the Leica RM2125 RTS manual rotary microtome.

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Leica RM CoolClamp

Electronically temperature-controlled, the Leica RM CoolClamp cools your specimens, improves workflow, and helps create uniform paraffin sections.

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Microtomy Consumables

Select from a range of blades, knives, oils, and slides at our online shop.

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HistoCore Slide Dryer

Adapted to your workstation organization, HistoCore Slide Dryer assist the paraffin sections.

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HistoCore Water Bath M

Complete your sectioning workstation with HistoCore Water Bath for paraffin sections and improve floating performance.

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Educational Resources

Knife Angle in Microtomy 

The correct knife angle is the subject of much misunderstanding, misleading experience, and incorrect information passed between microtomists, but in fact can be logically derived. 

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Intro to Microtomy: Preparing & Sectioning Paraffin Embedded Tissue 

Creating great paraffin sections using a rotary microtome takes a great deal of skill and experience. "Microtomy and Paraffin Section Preparation" is a great training aid for new microtomists and an excellent refresher for experienced operators.

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