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Advanced Staining Solutions Proven to Perform

Whether delivering clinical diagnostics or the next research breakthrough, every moment matters. There is constant pressure to quickly produce reliable results. Meet the challenge with solutions engineered to address today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.

The Leica Biosystems Difference in IHC and ISH

Consistent Quality

More samples. More tests per sample. A decreasing workforce. Getting through your cases on a daily basis can be hard. Make it easier with high-quality slides derived from accurate, precise staining so patients can start on the right care plan sooner.

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Reliable Turnaround

Respond to fluctuating IHC-ISH workload demands and increase workflow efficiency to deliver results sooner. 


Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives: Three Pathology Drivers Enabling Personalized Cancer Care

Pathology is vital to advancing personalized medicine from a promising concept to an approach that healthcare professionals and patients can count on. Explore three pathology drivers that can enable personalized cancer care in your organization.

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Solutions & Products

BOND IHC/ISH Instruments and Solutions

Every BOND system is complete, automated, and engineered for speed, reliability, and accuracy, with each configuration tailored to address specific diagnostic or discovery challenges.

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Novocastra Highly Definitive (HD) Antibodies, optimized and independently assessed for quality, are available in a range of formats and sizes for the most commonly performed IHC tests and anatomical pathologies.

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Detection Systems

Reliably produce consistent staining with BOND automated detection systems: complete IHC-ISH staining solutions including Compact Polymer™ detection, ancillary reagents, and consumables for single, dual, and multiplex staining.

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IHC Primary Antibodies

Create high-quality IHC slides with a complete solution of antibodies, ancillary reagents, and detection systems. Developed in-house with 20+ years of experience, these robust antibodies are optimized for automated and manual applications. 

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Molecular Solutions

A comprehensive range of probes, detection, ancillaries, and instruments for automated or manual ISH detection in fluorescence and brightfield applications.

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OEM Reagent Partnerships

Trusted quality for over 25 years, our global team of advanced staining experts provide specific OEM reagents in bulk quantities, individually customized products, or OEM reagent service for diagnostic and discovery applications. 

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Companion Diagnostics

Leica Biosystems global Companion Diagnostics team collaborates with biopharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize solutions that could identify patients likely to benefit from our partners’ emerging therapies. 

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Ancillaries & Consumables

A comprehensive range of high-quality ancillary reagents and consumables for IHC and ISH applications, including epitope retrieval solutions, pretreatments, detection components, and wash buffers, for automated or manual use.

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