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HistoCore Slide Dryer


Flexible layout options adapt to your workflow needs

The HistoCore Slide Dryer enables easy slide handling for up to 30 slides. Flexible layout options in combination with the HistoCore Water Bath allow user to choose a layout that meets their workflow requirements and lab space.

  • Space-saving design, small footprint
  • Capacity for up to 30 slides
  • Black rack provides good visibility and contrast
  • 45° angled heated rack allows for easy slide pick-up and placement
  • Accessory to HistoCore Water Bath
  • No need for a power socket, power supply via HistoCore Water Bath
  • Dimension: 200 mm x 280 mm x 98 mm
  • Heating temperature: up to 75°C
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Product Features

45° angled heating rack

  • Easy slide pick-up and placement
  • Effective water drainage
  • Black provides good visibility and contrast

Small footprint and 30 slides capacity

  • Space-saving design, small footprint
  • Holds up to 30 slides at once
Small footprint and 30 slides capacity

Flexible layout

  • One water bath can be combined with up to two slide dryers
  • No need for an additional power socket as power is supplied via HistoCore Water Bath

Product Specifications

Mechanical & Electrical Specifications

Instrument Dimensions (W x D x H): 200 x 280 x 98 mm
Overall size serial packaging (Width x Depth x Height): 415 x 395 x 215 mm

Performance & Features

Temperature: Up to 75℃
Angles of heating plate 45°
Slide rack capacity 30 slides

Other Specifications

Certifications: CE