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BOND-PRIME Discovery Hub

BOND-PRIME Discovery Hub

Transcend Expectations

The BOND-PRIME IHC & ISH staining platform delivers high productivity, featuring Universal Access, and can seamlessly adapt to your incoming workflow demands – whether it be batch, continuous, single slide, or a combination of all the above.


Leica Biosystems New Advanced Staining Solution Transcends Expectations with Speed, Quality and Diagnostic Productivity

The BOND-PRIME staining platform was developed with the lab's needs in mind: in today's fast-paced health care enviroment, adaptability is essential to ensure that slides are processed in a timely manner.

Discover the BOND-PRIME Value Pillars

Adapt to Any Incoming Workflow

Adapt to Any Incoming Workflow

Learn how to achieve 100% instrument utilization with the power of Universal Access.

Crisp, Clean Stains

Crisp, Clear Stains

Explore the high-quality staining produced by the BOND-PRIME via our Digital Slide Tray.


Shorten the TAT from Request to Diagnosis

Realize IHC staining with excellent quality and fast TAT for a confident and timely diagnosis.

Solve the Diagnostic Puzzle
One Piece at a Time

IHC week On Demand

BOND-PRIME Revolutionising today’s diagnostic climate

Many clinical pathology laboratories today experience a number of challenges in their day-to-day drive to provide an efficient service and timely results. Read about one laboratories experience with BOND-PRIME.

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Discover how the BOND-PRIME staining system delivers an adaptable workflow, unprecedented speed, and excellent staining quality for enhanced diagnostic productivity.


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