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Video Tutorial DVD on Vibrating Blade Microtomes

Tutorial DVD on Leica Microsystems' Vibrating Blade Microtomes

As of January 2010, we are pleased to offer a free video tutorial DVD on our Vibrating Blade Microtome Family. This DVD includes a general introduction to vibrating blade microtomy technology and much more.

The menu guides you through an explanation of every detail from unpacking the instrument to detailed installation instructions, through application recommendations by means of video and flash animation.

Since vibrating blade microtomy is a specialized technique, the second section features a presentation of live tissue sectioning in Professor Peter Jonas' laboratory at the University of Freiburg. You will also find Tips, Techniques, FAQ, and downloads on the DVD.

If you would like to receive this DVD free of charge, please contact your local Leica Microsystems representative. The order number is 1495.9097.