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Live Webinar: Benefits of Image Analysis in Biomarker Discovery


Biomarker discovery and evaluation are an integral part of translational research. The interpretation of biomarkers is traditionally performed manually, using a microscope. Scientists are extremely effective at performing morphometric assessment, which involves identifying patterns and structures within tissue. However, human vision is inherently flawed when trying to decipher differences between colors – vital for analysis of immunohistochemically stained tissue.  In addition, manual techniques – such as in situ hybridization signal counting – can be laborious and time consuming. Due to limitations of manual assessment methods, inter- and intra-observer variability are very real concerns when evaluating biomarkers.

This webinar will discuss how automated Image Analysis can enhance your translational research. Image Analysis allows for truly quantitative evaluation, introducing standardization and reproducibility into your biomarker discovery process. Additional benefits of creating a digital image, including remote access and collaboration, will also be discussed.




Learning objectives 

  • What is Image Analysis?
  • Understand benefits of Image Analysis for research
  • Describe  applications of Image Analysis in biomarker discovery
  • Types of Image Analysis available for use today
Live Webinar Total ISH Solutions from Leica Biosystems