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Creating the Career of My Dreams

Kristen McGillis is a “boomerang” associate, having returned to Leica Biosystems after leaving for another opportunity. Learn why she came back, and how she’s building the career of her dreams.

by Kristen McGillis, Product Manager, Digital Pathology

I’m lucky to be able to say I recently began my second career at Leica Biosystems.


As one of LBS “boomerang” associates, I worked in Sales before leaving the company for a new job opportunity. Over time, I realized I missed the fast-paced, hard-driving LBS culture and the mission to advance cancer diagnostics and improve lives. I find that LBS associates share a passion for our work and a deep desire to help people facing a cancer diagnosis. It’s inspiring and drives me to achieve every day.

I rejoined Leica in the Training team before accepting a Product Management position supporting digital pathology. Though I’m new to this discipline, I’ve found Product Management is a great fit for me. I’m one of those people who is always curious, loves to learn, and craves diversity in my day-to-day job. The role meets all those criteria and more. It puts me at the center of the action -- requiring a working understanding of almost every aspect of the business -- and enables me to become a subject matter expert. A challenge, for sure, but also very exciting.

An ‘aha’ moment. My LBS managers have proven to be a great resource on my professional journey. For example, when I rejoined LBS I knew I wanted to better understand what makes Danaher and LBS so successful. Specifically, I wanted to deep dive into DBS, starting with coursework on trust and leadership. I am grateful my manager Mark Warmbrand supported this interest and encouraged my aspiration to become a Certified Practitioner in the ‘Speed of Trust’ course. Achieving that certification gave me a new level of confidence in myself which, ultimately, led me to my current role in Product Management.

The take-away. You can craft the career of your dreams at LBS. I’m proof positive of that. Talk with your manager (regularly!) about your career aspirations, even -- and especially -- if you are in the process of clarifying them. Together you can lay out a plan to accomplish your goals.

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