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Tissue Processing Solutions

Process with maximum care and the shortest turnaround: a patient is waiting

You only get one chance to process specimens correctly, but patients need a fast turnaround to end their anxious wait. Leica tissue processors help you simultaneously increase quality and throughput with built-in quality, reliability and tissue protection. So choose the right instrument for your workload to maximize efficiency and protect critical patient tissue.

Choose the solution that helps you meet your workflow and quality targets.

Small volumes

Select the Leica TP1020 semi-enclosed rotary processor for reliability and economy.

Medium to large volumes

Select the Leica ASP6025 for efficient large volume processing.

Select the Leica ASP200 S or Leica ASP300 S for smart processing of medium workloads.

Rapid processing and the largest volumes

Select the Leica PELORIS II for rapid, dual-retort processing that powers through the most challenging workloads.

Leica ASP6025 Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor

Focus on what’s critical: Quality, specimen safety, productivity. The Leica ASP6025 supports diagnostic clarity thanks to an optimized reagent...

Leica PELORIS II Premium Tissue Processing

Total Versatility. No Compromise. With Leica PELORIS II, your laboratory can enjoy the confidence of high-quality results while addressing...

Leica RemoteCare 24 hour Remote Monitoring of your Lab Equipment

Leica RemoteCare Diagnostic Support increases instrument uptime and productivity Life time costs as well as equipment uptime are critical...

Leica ASP300 S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

Designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes Proven technology combined with top quality...

Leica ASP200 S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor is Designed for Routine and Research Histopathology of up to 200 Cassettes

Proven technology combined with top quality components and optional Leica RemoteCare diagnostics provide superior instrument...

Leica TP1020 Semi-enclosed Benchtop Tissue Processor

The Leica TP1020 tissue processor is available in four configurations: the basic instrument, the basic instrument with vacuum, the...

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