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Sectioning Solutions

Consistently cut the thin sections that allow for an accurate diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis relies on precise sections. Precise sections rely on the right type of microtome. Leica’s history of pioneering microtomy continues to deliver a diverse range of microtomes that deliver high-quality sections for any application. So choose the Leica microtome that suits your specimen type, and build the diagnostic confidence that patients rely on.

Choose the right type of microtome for precision sectioning in your application.

Rotary microtomes

Select a rotary microtome for precise manual, semi-automated or fully automated sectioning.

Sliding microtome

Select the Leica SM2010 R sliding microtome for smooth running histological or biological sample preparation.

Vibrating blade microtomes

Select a vibrating blade microtome to cut sections under physiological conditions.

Choose the cryosectioning solution that prepares you for fast, accurate and safe frozen sectioning.

Mobile diagnostics

Select the Leica CM1100 to cut accurate sections almost anywhere.

Clinical laboratories

Select the Leica CM1950 for a tailored solution to increased safety and efficiency or the Leica CM1520 for critical applications such as Mohs surgery.

Select the Leica CM1860 for ergonomic efficiency and outstanding safety or the Leica CM1860 UV for the added benefit of UV disinfection

Research laboratories

Select the Leica CM3050 S for biomedical, neuroanatomical and pharmaceutical research.

Select the Leica CM3600 XP for whole-body sectioning

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