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BOND-PRIME Fully Automated and Adaptable, High-Speed IHC, and ISH Staining Platform


High productivity through Speed, Quality, and Universal Access

The BOND-PRIME staining platform delivers high productivity, featuring Universal Access, and can seamlessly adapt to your incoming workflow demands – whether it be batched, continuous, single slide or STAT cases, or a combination of all the above.

Coupled with the ability to produce high-quality, crisp, clear staining with an average IHC slide TAT of 95 minutes, the BOND-PRIME staining platform lets you transcend expectations for quality, timeliness, and diagnostic productivity.

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For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Product Features

Load Any Slide in Any Combination, with Any Reagent, at Any Time with Universal Access on BOND-PRIME

  • Load Any Slide – Independent Active Reagent Control (ARC) Modules are precisely engineered, individual staining chambers that enable you to run any combination of staining protocols, pretreatments, chromogens, and technologies.
  • In Any Combination – The BOND-PRIME stainer continually adapts to incoming work, so you can load single slides, complete cases, full batches, or any workflow to keep your slides processing.
  • With Any Reagent – Featuring 70 open-access reagent positions, ample reagent space means no delays to add antibodies and/or detection. Fill and empty bulk containers less often with an over 200 slide bulk reagent capacity.
  • At Any Time – Process up to 48 slides seamlessly. Load slides in the Preload Drawer even when at staining capacity and unload slides when you are ready since finished slides don’t prevent the staining of new slides.

Shorten the TAT from request to diagnosis

The BOND-PRIME staining platform has unprecedented speed achieving the breakthrough milestone average IHC slide TAT of 95 min.  The average IHC TAT for a 24-slide batch is <130 minutes and as fast as one hour for single/STAT slides. 

Featuring next-generation robotics, optimized staining protocols with premium reagents, and innovative Active Reagent Control technology, you don’t have to compromise quality for speed.

IHC testing is often the precursor to additional, more complex testing, so rapid results mean expedited diagnostic information to provide clarity to treatment. With so much relying on this testing, getting to the diagnosis faster is paramount.


Crisp, clear stains with the details pathologists look for

The progressive automation on the BOND-PRIME instrument works in tandem with our premium reagents to produce crisp, clear, high-quality staining in 95 minutes.

  • Active Reagent Control (ARC) technology – Consistent and reproducible staining with highly controlled dispense, reagent flow, and precise incubation to each and every slide.
  • Premium staining reagents – Distinctive Novocastra advanced staining reagents and detection chemistry featuring Covertile technology achieve next-level staining.
  • ARC Covertile – Semi-permanent, self-cleaning ARC Covertile provides a sealed staining environment that protects tissue morphology, uses minimal reagents, and provides total tissue care.

Because competing in today’s diagnostic world requires quality diagnosis AND fast TAT.


High productivity through Speed, Quality, and Universal Access

The adaptable workflow, unprecedented speed, and excellent staining quality from the BOND-PRIME instrument delivers enhanced diagnostic productivity for an efficient and confident diagnosis.

  • Speed – Featuring a 95-minute average turnaround time for continuous workflow, individual slides as fast as 1 hour, and less than 130 minutes for a full 24-slide load; BOND-PRIME enables pathologists to deliver a timely diagnosis to patients who need answers quickly.
  • Quality – The BOND-PRIME staining platform delivers vibrant, crisp, clear stains to provide diagnostic clarity.  Excellent staining quality helps you use your time and expertise effectively for a confident and timely diagnosis.
  • Universal Access – Universal Access enables a fully adaptable workflow, decreasing the time to load and stain slides which equates to less time waiting for completed cases.

Product Specifications

BOND-PRIME System Specifications

Dimensions: 1217 mm (W) x 1400 mm (H) x 831 mm (D)
47.9 in (W) x 55.1 in (H) x 32.7 in (D)
Slide capacity: 72 (24 slides in Preload Drawer, 24 slides in ARC Array, 24 slides in Unload Drawer)
Number of reagent containers: 70
Hazardous waste container capacity: 4.5 L
Operating voltage and Mains frequency: 90 V to 264 V (for nominal voltage 100 V to 240 V)
Sound pressure level output (at 1 m): < 85 dBA maximum < 65 dBA normal operation
Weight (Dry): 384 kg (847 lb)
Reagent container capacity: 7 mL, 30 mL, and 6 mL Titration vials/inserts
Bulk reagent container capacity: 1.25 L or 4.5 L for DI Water
External bulk waste container capacity: 4.5 L
Power Consumption: 1260 VA

Microscope Slide Specifications

Slide Width: 24.64–26.0 mm (0.97–1.02 in)
Slide Length: 74.9–76.0 mm (2.95–2.99 in)
Slide Thickness: 0.9–1.2 mm (0.03–0.05 in)
Label Width: 24.64–26.0 mm (0.97–1.02 in)
Label Length: 16.9–21.0 mm (0.67–0.83 in)
Material: Glass, ISO 8037/1

BOND-PRIME Detection Systems

Our BOND-PRIME Detection Systems feature our Compact Polymer technology to provide crisp, clear, high-quality staining. Hematoxylin is sold separately.

  • BOND-PRIME Polymer DAB Detection System (DS9284)
  • BOND-PRIME Polymer AP Detection System (DS9304)
  • BOND-PRIME Hematoxylin (AR0096)

A range of BOND ready-to-use primary antibodies are available.

BOND-PRIME Ancillary Reagents

  • BOND-PRIME Dewax Solution (AR0084)
  • BOND-PRIME Wash Solution Concentrate (AR0085)
  • BOND-PRIME Epitope Retrieval Solution 1 (AR0086)
  • BOND-PRIME Epitope Retrieval Solution 2 (AR0087)

BOND-PRIME Consumables

  • BOND-PRIME Cleaning Kit (CS9300)
  • BOND-PRIME ARC Refresh Kit (91.1592)





BOND RTU Antibody and Protocol Data Files