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Slide Stainers & Coverslippers

Routine Staining Solutions

Meet increased workloads and maintain critical staining quality.

Deliver the clear well-defined stains that pathologists need

Leica Biosystems understands that high-clarity stains depend on great reagents, precision stainers and good practice. A Leica Biosystems routine staining solution integrates stain, stainer and expert advice. Choose a staining solution for a high-efficiency path to consistent staining and diagnostic confidence.

HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation

The highly automated workstation solution to manage increasing workloads and high throughput demands. Specifically designed to deliver timely and consistent results from slide 1 – 1600.

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HistoCore SPECTRA ST Stainer

A high throughput Stainer with the flexibility to process H&E and Special Stains simultaneously to meet high workload demands and critical quality needs.

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SPECTRA H&E stains provide the clarity and definition you expect, resulting in increased diagnostic efficiency for pathologists and patients.

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Leica ST5010-CV5030

Integrated Stainer workstation providing high-quality staining, and superb glass coverslipping for routine H&E and Cytology.

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Leica ST5010

Proven Leica ST5010 Autostainer XL providing reproducible, consistent high-quality staining, and increased workload throughput compared to manual staining.

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Leica CV5030

Fully automated glass coverslipper produces slides with superb optical quality for reliable long-term storage.

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Leica ST4020

Compact linear Stainer providing consistent quality sitting with your cryostats to deal with the most urgent samples.

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Optimized Staining Kits

Select the Leica ST Infinity H&E Staining System for a complete system ready-to-run on the ST5010 or ST5020.

Select a Special Stain Kit for a complete solution optimized with Leica high-throughput stainers.

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Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Portfolio also includes a range of stains, slides, mountants and cover glass. Order now at our online shop.

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Educational Resources

An Introduction to Routine and Special Staining

Routine (or H&E) and special stains allow us to visualize otherwise transparent tissue under a microscope and are critical for tissue-based diagnosis.

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H&E Staining Overview

For routine diagnosis, the use of Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) is by far preferred for viewing cellular and tissue structure detail by pathologists. 

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Special Stains: Which One, Why and How

Mucins are a part of a complex group called carbohydrates. Mucins are mucopolysaccharides; they are important in cell growth as they help regulate the flow of nutrients between capillaries and cells and are known as “The Glue of Life”.

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Troubleshooting H&E Stains

Though the H&E stain is a relatively simple stain to perform, there are a variety of artifacts that can interfere with a good stain. Artifacts can be attributed to a variety of causes.

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