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ASP6025 Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor

This Item has been discontinued
Replaced by HistoCore PEGASUS Plus Tissue Processor

Concentratevi su ciò che è critico: Qualità, sicurezza del campione, produttività. Il Leica ASP6025 permette chiarezza diagnostica grazie ad un sistema di gestione del reagente ottimizzato e a protocolli di processazione validati.

Le caratteristiche di sicurezza integrate e il controllo di qualità del reagente forniscono protezione del campione e risultati accurati di processazione.

Progettato per un'operatività Lean (Snella) ed ergonomica, il Leica ASP6025 fornisce una maggiore produttività con tempi di esecuzione completa del lavoro rapidi.

A Ampia gamma di consumabili Surgipath disegnati specificamente per venire incontro alle vostre esigenze nella processazione dei tessuti.

Contattaci per avere un preventivo.

Caratteristiche del prodotto

Advanced Processing Quality

  • Simple, easy-to-use LCD touch screen with an intuitive display and easy to follow icons helps reduce operator error.
  • Accurate diagnosis is facilitated when samples are optimally processed.  A built in densitometer automatically monitors ethanol concentration ensuring that specimens are processed in the proper dilution.  
Advanced Processing Quality

Optimized reagent management

An in-built sensor measures and controls the concentration of alcohol to reduce consumption and labor time.


Specimen protection during power failure

In case of power failure an in-built battery backup ensures absolute specimen integrity. The retort is filled up with ‘safe reagent’ to prevent any damage to the sample.

Advanced Specimen Safety

Advanced Laboratory Productivity

  • The ASP6025 incorporates validated protocols and multiple run times for large overnight batch processing or can be customized to run small batches during the day.

  • Featuring a unique pre-melt paraffin station, the system helps avoid delays and ensures that paraffin is always available and melted prior to exchanging used paraffin.

  • Eliminate the need to mix and prepare dilutions and spend less time maintaining the processor all while ensuring optimal specimen processing.    

Advanced Laboratory Productivity

Efficient and safe processing with Leica ParaLast™

Reduced hazardous vapors and paraffin consumption: the Leica ParaLast system reduces paraffin contamination during xylene-free protocols. ParaLast allows xylene-free processing at moderate temperatures, thus ensuring excellent wax preservation and high quality sections for molecular studies afterwards.


Operator Safety

  • A long-life activated carbon filter and a unique down draft feature, remove fumes that could be present in retort chamber. This minimizes staff exposure to dangerous fumes.

  • Ready to Use (RTU) bottles reside in an easy to access drawer ergonomically designed to minimize spills and injuries. The remote drain system easily and safely drains hot used paraffin and lowers the risk of a paraffin spill.

  • Validated protocols for running xylene free can be easily accessed thru the LCD display. “Green” technology improves health and safety for staff as well as protects the environment.

Operator Safety

Help more patients

With speed, flexibility, reduced up-keep, and in-process reagent exchanges, the Leica ASP6025 delivers everything to set your laboratory on the path to Lean Histology.


Get critical results sooner

A unique pre-melt paraffin station helps avoid delays between two processing protocols. This innovative system means fresh paraffin is always available and melted prior to exchanging used paraffin. Find the  Surgipath paraffin  that is right for your lab.

Specifiche del prodotto


Dimensions (L x W x H): 680 x 750 x 1500 mm (26.77 x 29.53 x 59.05 inch)
Weight (Instrument Only): approx. 210 kg (463 lbs)
Paraffin melting station: 1
Number of paraffin baths: 3
Paraffin capacity: 5.0 L per paraffin bath
Paraffin temperature: 50 °C to 65 °C
Cassette capacity: max. 300 cassettes
Reagent volume: max. 4.6 L
Temperature (processing reagents): Ambient of 35°C to 60°C
Temperature (cleaning reagents): 50°C to 67°C
Fill time: approx. 90 seconds
Drain time: approx. 80 seconds
Impregnation vacuum: -35 kPa
Infiltration pressure: +35 kPa
Fill vacuum: -35 kPa to -60 kPa
Drain pressure: +25 to +60 kPa
System bottles: 9
RTU-bottles: 6
Condensate bottle: 1
Containers for cleaning solutions: 3
Bottle volume: 3.8 and 5.0 L
Password status: supervisor/operator/service
Type of password: alphanumeric, freely selectable
Reagent management system (RMS): switch between RMS and concentration measurement
Nominal voltage: 120V ± 10% or 230V ± 10%
Nominal frequency: 50 to 60 Hz



Material Safety Data Sheets

Manuali d’uso/ Istruzioni d’uso


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Bronson Methodist Hospital: A systematic approach to validating xylene-free processing on the Leica PELORIS tissue processor.

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