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Pathologist Pathway

Contenido seleccionado por patólogos para patólogos. Aprenda de los líderes de opinión mundiales sobre las últimas tendencias del sector que afectan a la comunidad de patología.

By providing a more accurate and specific diagnosis, molecular pathology can help optimize treatment choices for patients. In this chapter, Dr. Clarke calls for improving the provision of molecular pathology testing to unlock better cancer care. 

All pathologists are disease detectives with unique insight, but the evolving discipline of pathology is often misunderstood. In this chapter, Dr. Gardner recommends ways pathologists can create a human interface between themselves and the people they impact.

The demand for pathology services is increasing while the number of pathologists is decreasing globally. In this chapter, Dr. Graham addresses how to train and retain the new generation of pathologists while adapting to technological advances in the field.

Molecular pathology enables a more detailed diagnosis of cancer and more effective, personalized medicine based on the genetic profile of the patient – hospital administrators could be great advocates for it, says Dr. Matthew Clarke.

As the number of cancer cases increase, we need more people to start training as pathologists to address the challenges we face. Education is key – but so is sharing our enthusiasm for pathology, says Dr. Tiffany Graham.

Integrating digital pathology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology within our existing pathology services will bring real benefits to patients, and engaging healthcare leaders is key to this process, says Dr. Bethany Williams.

Both pathologists and hospital administrators gain from working as a team to improve cancer diagnostics and patient care. If we raise awareness of pathology together, we can achieve even more, says Dr. Jerad Gardner.

Molecular pathology is transforming cancer diagnostics and is the key to personalised medicine. This is an exciting time for pathologists, as we look to expand our services through training, equipment, adequate personnel and information storage…

Pathology is always changing and developing. To meet patient demand, to ensure the success of our hospitals, and to keep the profession growing in a positive direction, increasing pathology’s exposure and providing quality education is key…

‘My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there,’ said inventor Charles Kettering. He was grounded in the present with a vision for the future. Pathology must follow this example, starting with technology…

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