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Connective tissue plays an essential role in the human body by holding together, protecting, supporting, and joining organs to tissues. This editorial describes the categories of connective tissue, the types of connective tissue diseases, and the diagnosis of connective tissue diseases.

This article is for those organizations that need or want to perform remote primary diagnosis from a home office or different location; Dr. Eric Glassy and Dr. Matthew Hanna give critical insights on what it takes to be successful.

Precision and personalized medicine are terms used interchangeably. This approach is advancing rapidly and will change the way clinicians are practicing medicine. 

La sostenibilidad en el laboratorio de histología da forma a los paradigmas de cuatro formas fundamentales: minimizando nuestro impacto en la Tierra, manteniendo nuestro bienestar, reduciendo el coste de la gestión de residuos en el laboratorio y descubriendo nuevos procesos que afecten a nuestro trabajo diario.

Current technology allows tumors to be painted with multiple colors, termed multiplex staining. Multiplex staining today used in research, may also assist with cancer diagnoses clinically via: preservation of tissue, improved diagnostic accuracy, and enhanced diagnostic insight.

During the pandemic in which pathologists around the world have remained at home or reduced their time in the lab to avoid unnecessary exposure, digital pathology has offered a ray of hope, allowing them to continue to perform their duties remotely.

Cytogenomics is the study of genetics that studies chromosomes and their relation to diseases. Through a combined analysis of chromosomes and molecular tests, clinicians can better understand and treat disease states.

  • Lance Mikus ,
    MBA, Director of Product Management - Image Capture Systems at Leica Biosystems

We know how important it is for Pathologists to clearly see morphologic details in order to make an assessment of a case. That’s why we relentlessly pursue testing next generation scanner images with the aim of achieving excellent image quality.

  • Lance Mikus ,
    MBA, Director of Product Management - Image Capture Systems at Leica Biosystems

In this article we will discuss how we measure usability specifically with Histotechnicians using, among other techniques, an innovative approach called the System Usability Scale (SUS).

La patología digital incorpora la adquisición, gestión, intercambio e interpretación de información de patología, incluyendo las preparaciones y los datos, en un entorno digital.

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