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Lessons From the Laboratory: Your Tissue Processing Questions, Answered

Robin Fitzl
Robin Fitzl Sr. Field Applications Specialist - Leica Biosystems

As part of her popular “Lessons from the Laboratory” series, Robin answers real questions from practitioners doing tissue processing in research laboratories globally. From identifying optimal steps to high-quality tissue processing to understanding the best way to reprocess a specimen, Robin will help you solve your most challenging tissue-processing dilemmas.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is intended for research practitioners of every level but assumes some familiarity with the tissue processing and fixation stages.

  • Discuss three considerations as to why preanalytical conditions impact downstream results
  • Identify three critical steps to ensure optimal tissue processing
  • Discuss the effects of over- and under-fixation on downstream results

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

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