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Vibrating Blade Microtomy Solutions

Vibrating microtomes (Vibratomes) by Leica Biosystems help you to accurately cut tissue under physiologial conditions without freezing or embedding. These precise instruments maintain cell morphology, enzyme activity, as well as cell viability of the tissue.


Select the Leica VT1200 for automated cutting with manual section thickness control.


Fully automated

Select the Leica VT1200 S for unfixed tissue sectioning applications.

Select the Leica VT1000 S for precise and economical section of fixed tissue.


Leica VT1000 S

Vibrating blade microtome

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Leica VT1200

Semiautomatic Vibrating Blade Microtome

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Leica VT1200 S

Fully automated vibrating blade microtome

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Create a complete neuroscience solution

Select from a range of Neuroscience systems for a complete research solution.


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When to use a Vibrating Microtome for Tissue Sectioning