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Life Sciences and Research Solutions

Delivering today’s tissue-based research Driving tomorrow’s clinical outcomes

Our purpose is to enable researchers to accelerate their journey, transforming scientific exploration into translational outcomes.
Our goal is to shape the future with novel technologies that inspire every researcher’s exploration of biology.

Accelerate your journey, imagine the possibilities with Leica Biosystems

Our clinical and anatomical pathology leadership brings strong heritage, expertise, and innovation to Life Sciences. The Leica Biosystems comprehensive portfolio offers scientists confidence through reproducible results, bringing translational research from bench to bedside.


From driving innovation to advancements in science, we have long been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. Clinical outcomes are ultimately driven by what happens in the research space. Our expansion into the life sciences opens opportunities to accelerate that journey.

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Collaboration with leading strategic partners including Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Nanostring, Akoya, Ultivue, Rarecyte, and Cell IDx to provide researchers with the flexibility to customize their work: from DNA to RNA to protein, CTCs, and imaging. We offer a wide variety of assay options and research tools which we continue to expand.

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Experience our team's dedication to finding fresh ways to transform scientific explorations into reproducible results.

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Featured Webinar: Modernization of Tissue-based, Biomarker-led Clinical Research

Dr Stephanie G. Craig, Lecturer in Precision Medicine at the Patrick G. Johnson Centre for Cancer Research, Queen's University Belfast

In this webinar, learn how the Centre for Cancer Research at the Queen's University Belfast utilized automated staining and slide digitization as an aid to clinical research* in immunohistochemistry, RNA in situ hybridization, multiplex immunofluorescence, and artificial intelligence studies.


*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Modernization of Tissue-based_V2

Integrated Life Science and Research Solutions

We provide researchers with fully integrated solutions to accelerate their journey by delivering today's tissue-based research and driving tomorrow's clinical outcomes.

Tissue Preparation, Microtomes, Cryostats, Stainers

Sample Preparation

From tissue processors to staining workstations, including a full offering of consumables, we are committed to supporting accurate and trusted results for you daily important work.


IHC & ISH Staining, Assay Development

IHC, ISH and Emerging Tests

Researchers need clear results to discover new treatments. BOND research instruments provide the flexibility you need to explore new possibilities, accurate results to ensure nothing is missed, and rapid, cost-effective operation so you can perform more tests.


Digital Slide Scanners, Image Analysis

Digital Pathology

Our digital slide scanning products offer unprecedented image quality, speed and reliability for whole slide imaging; making Aperio ePathology scanners the optimal choice for research professionals.


Educational Resources

Leica Biosystems Educational Resources enrich your research by providing cutting-edge webinars and articles presented by world-renowned key opinion leaders in the field. Support your applications with technical knowledge and "how-to" content. Learn about your colleagues' research utilizing our instruments and solutions in current peer-reviewed literature housed within the Publication Repository.

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