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Leica CM3600 XP - Whole Body Sectioning with GLP documentation

The Leica CM3600 XP is the cryo-macrotome for whole-body sectioning, primarily used to quantitively investigate the effect of labeled compounds, pharmaceuticals, and biologicals in pre-clinical studies. It can also be used for anatomical and morphological analysis of large objects, including cryoplaning for 3D reconstruction.

The CM3600 XP is the ideal solution for facilities requiring sectioning of large objects with documentation of all experiments, such as required for GLP.

Documentation of experimental parameters supports reproducibility of experiments for all research institutions.

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Product Features

Data Tracking for GLP Compliance

Windows PC operated instrument controller allows to manage access rights and provides an audit trail through a chronological list of events and alarms. Experimental data are recorded in protocols that can be tailored to the laboratory's need.


Sectioning Large Objects

The heavy-duty microtome does not require fixation inside the stainless steel cryochamber and can be positioned to the user’s preference. The knife holder supports sectioning of specimens up to 450 x 150 x 200 mm (L,W,H) for very large objects.


Section Dehydration for QWBA

Quantitative whole-body autoradiography requires dehydration of frozen sections. The CM3600 XP features a twin compressor design to provide extra capacity for a constant cold air stream when used for dehydration.


Comfort and Safety

Sectioning large objects requires leaning into a large cryochamber. While this cannot be comfortable over longer time, Leica Biosystems did include some features for increased safety and comfort. A knee-lever supports hands-free sectioning so that both hands are free for capturing the section on tape. Safety measurements, such as a lid retainer that locks the open lid, or the use of 24V illumination inside the cryochamber reduce the risk of injuries.





Frequently Asked Questions

Leica CM3600 XP
Which collection tape can be used for the CM3600?

There are new section collection tapes available for the Leica CM3600 cryomacrotome. The order numbers are as follows:

140417 39651 Section collection tape 76mm x 66mm,

140417 39652 Section collection tape 148mm x 66mm