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James Anderson

James Anderson

Global Marketing Manager

James Anderson is a Global Marketing Manager at Leica Biosystems with experience with histology and scientific, technical, and marketing communications.

Published Pieces by James Anderson

Training Resources (Knowledge Pathway)

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used in histology to detect the presence of specific protein markers that can assist with accurate tumor classification and diagnosis. This article provides an overview and the basic steps used to create an optimal IHC stain.

社论文章 (Knowledge Pathway)

医疗保健提供者面临着看似矛盾的需求:降低成本,为更多患者提供高效服务,同时提高护理质量。 对于解剖病理学实验室,自动化和互联使其可以实现上述所有三个目标。

Tutorials (Knowledge Pathway)

Routine (or H&E) and special stains allow us to visualize otherwise transparent tissue under a microscope and are critical for tissue-based diagnosis.