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Prof. Luca Di Tommaso

Prof. Luca Di Tommaso, MD, FIAC

The main field of Luca’s research is Liver Pathology where he contributed to the identification of biomarkers characterizing malignant transformation of hepatocellular nodules. Some of these are now part of the 5th edition of WHO guidelines for the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. 

Other fields of interest are Breast, Thymic and Thyroid pathology. In each of these fields, Luca contributed to identify novel entities. Accordingly, he is one of the authors of the 5th edition of WHO Classification of Thymic Tumors. 

Luca has a strong commitment for History of Medicine: this latter and Pathology, are his teaching topics at Humanitas University.

Recently, he developed a strong interest in the field of digital-, computational- and augmented- pathology. These settings likely represent the future of our discipline, under the definition of e-Pathology.

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