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Aperio Powered by Paige – Your Solution, Simplified

Aperio Powered by Paige is an all-in-one web-based solution that delivers a seamless implementation of Paige’s image management system and advanced whole-slide image viewer, including access to AI applications to help streamline pathology workflows and provide actionable insights.

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Use of Aperio Powered by Paige WSI viewer and Aperio GT 450 scanner is available for Research Use Only with DICOM image formats in the United States and the system is not available for use in diagnostic procedures. To learn more about Aperio Powered by Paige in your market, please contact us.

To learn more about regulatory clearance status of all Paige and third-party AI applications integrated with Aperio Powered by Paige, please review the respective associated instructions for use, otherwise use of these applications are limited to Research Use Only and not available for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intelligent Image Management and Viewing




  • The Aperio GT 450 scanner is simple to operate and helps histotechnicians deliver rapid results with confidence.
  • No touch continuous loading during scanning
  • Automated IQ checks during each scan to ensure quality
  • Assign priority cases
  • Every slide is calibrated with each scan
  • 450-slide capacity packed into a small size
  • 99.5% accurate tissue *
  • 100% first-time barcode scan success rate*
  • AI-based case prioritization indicator to identify which cases should be prioritized for review
  • Advanced sorting, tagging, and search functionality to easily navigate between cases
  • Status indicators to track where each case sits in the workflow
  • Case assignment and distribution capabilities to balance caseloads across the lab
  • Web-based application with minimal system requirements
  • Unobstructed viewing area for slide analysis and case review
  • Suite of tools for enhanced manual slide review and collaboration
  • Integration of native Paige and third-party AI applications

*VP-0450 validation results

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