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Aperio eSlide Manager – Complete Digital Pathology Management Software

Aperio eSlide Manager provides full scalability and optimal performance from single-site installations to multi-site global hub and spoke networks. With dedicated workflows for research and biopharma coupled with an intuitive interface, Aperio eSlide Manager is the ideal solution to meet the diverse needs of both entry-level and enterprise digital pathology users.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Anytime, anywhere access

Securely access your images through Aperio eSlide Manager’s high performance viewing options including, integrated web viewer, ePathViewer for iPad and iPhone or the ImageScope client viewer.

The ergonomic and user-friendly interfaces ensure easy access to your slides, whether from a single server or a sophisticated hub and spoke deployment.

Scalable solutions for changing needs

Aperio eSlide Manager grows with your needs and can easily be integrated into your organization and IT system.

Readily deployed software components quickly integrate into the modular architecture, meaning specific workflows can be added as is and when they are required, future-proofing your system, so that your choice today will support your needs tomorrow.

Security, Integrity, Peace of Mind

You can have complete confidence in the security of your system with technical controls on users, data and images. Technical controls for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) ensure full traceability on images and data within your system, while controls for HIPAA restrict access to sensitive information either as metadata or slide labels.

Electronic signature support and SSL-encryption provide secure access to your digital pathology system.

LIS Integration

Comprehensive communication capabilities enable rapid integration of Aperio Digital Pathology solutions into laboratory information systems LIS, for optimal workflow efficiency. In addition to viewing digital slides and associated information from within their LIS, pathologists can also share data between them, easily capturing report images and image analysis results for integration into reports.

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