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Carolyn Doan

캐롤린 도안 (Carolyn Doan)


캐롤린 도안 (Carolyn Doan), HT (ASCP)

캐롤린 도안은 조지아주 애틀랜타에 있는 조지아 주립대학교와 세인트 조셉 조직검사학 대학에서 학업을 마친 후 1969년 미국임상병리학회 (ASCP) 자격을 받았다. 그녀는 40년간 조직학 연구에서 (예크스 프리메이트 연구 센터), 임상 세계에서 (올랜도 플로리다 병원 병리과 운영, 플로리다주 면허 교부 위원회 이사, 플로리다주 조직검사학 사회 회장으로), 그리고 산업에서 (영업부원, 마케팅 관리자, 북미 염색 판매 전문가로) 병리학 발전에 열정을 쏟았다. 그녀는 2013년 은퇴 이후 Creative Histology Consulting을 설립하였다.

Published Pieces by 캐롤린 도안

튜토리얼 (Knowledge Pathway)

Microorganisms are living organisms which include bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. Bacteria, fungi and protozoa can be identified and classified with histochemical procedures and viruses are generally identified with immunohistochemical procedures.

튜토리얼 (Knowledge Pathway)

Special stains" are processes that generally employ a dye or chemical that has an affinity for the particular tissue component that is to be demonstrated. This article includes the processes and protocols necessary to demonstrate connective tissue.

튜토리얼 (Knowledge Pathway)

Mucins are a part of a complex group called carbohydrates. Mucins are mucopolysaccharides; they are important in cell growth as they help regulate the flow of nutrients between capillaries and cells and are known as “The Glue of Life”.

웨비나 (Knowledge Pathway)

Producing an H&E stained slide is a process. It starts way before the slide is loaded on a stainer or moved down through containers by hand. Producing quality, consistent and reproducible H&E stained slides is a process as well as a lesson in...