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Knowledge Pathway

The Pathology Learning Hub

With practical how-to guides from pathology experts to fresh insights on emerging technologies, Knowledge Pathway is the go-to site for educational content, industry trends, and thought leadership.

Knowledge Pathway is a curated library of educational content for pathology professionals. Discover practical resources for each step in the pathology workflow, such as tutorials, webinars, and case studies.

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Start here for our most popular educational pieces. Learn how to avoid common errors in your histology practice, absorb the basics of going digital, and more.

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Sample Preparation

Some of the critical steps in tissue sample preparation include fixation, grossing, embedding, and sectioning. Visit this section for guidance through the entire process.

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Tissue Processing

Tissue processing consists of dehydration, clearing, and infiltration. Here, experts share their recommendations for properly executing these steps.

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The staining process highlights tissue morphology, cell types, and structure to enable accurate tumor classification and diagnosis. View resources on how staining is practiced today, and how it may evolve in the future.

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Digital Pathology and AI

Adopting digital pathology enables pathologists to manage and interpret information generated from a digitized glass slide. Coupled with AI tools, pathologists can benefit from efficiencies in their workflow. Learn how to start transforming your lab with guidance from experts in the field.

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Educational content about the well-defined, optimized process to ensure a pathology lab’s efficient, safe, and consistent handling of histology tissue samples.

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