Suture Wound Clips Stereotaxic myneurolab

Suture Wound Clips Protective, Quick

Suture Wound Clips Starter Kit
Suture Wound Clips Starter Kit

Rapid closing suture system for use with lab animals or in veterinary surgery. The starter kit has all of the components needed for hassle-free sutures.

The kit includes the Autoclips Applier, Autoclip Remover, and case of 1000 9 mm clips.


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Código Nombre Mostrar todos los datos Tamaño de la unidad Cant.
39465001 Autoclip™ Surgical Suture Applicator 1 Piece
39465004 autoclip™ Sutures Value Package Starter 1 Piece
39465011 Clips sutura, 9mm, caja 1000uds 1 Piece
39465012 Package of 100 9 mm Autoclip™ Suture Cl 1 Piece
39465101 Autoclip™ Stainless Suture Clip Remover 1 Piece
39465201 Wound Clip Suture Applier f/ Mouse 7 mm 1 Piece
39465204 Mouse 7 mm Wound Clip Starter Kit 1 Piece
39465211 Wound Clips Suture 7 mm for Mice pkg 100 1 Piece