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Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm – FISH Amplification & Deletion Image Analysis

The Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm is designed to detect and quantify amplification and deletion of target gene sequences in digital pathology images generated from whole slide sections. It enables rapid analysis of all cells across a slide, and returns highly detailed and accurate signal counts without time-consuming manual effort.

As the analysis is performed on digital images, there is no risk of probe fading, and no need to work in a dark room. Results are reproducible, and are permanently recorded in your Aperio eSlide Manager or Aperio Image Analysis Workstation database.

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Aperio RUO (Research Use Only) Image Analysis Algorithms have been validated by Leica Biosystems for use with .svs images from Aperio AT2, Aperio CS2, and Aperio VERSA scanners. Use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with other available scanners has not been validated, and Leica Biosystems cannot train or support customers in use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with images from these scanners.

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Evaluate multiple probes on the same slide

Analyze up to 7 probes, of control or target signals. Define up to 10 scoring classes based on absolute signal numbers and/or ratios of control to target probes, in order to evaluate the amplification and deletion of multiple target DNA sequences across a single tissue section.

Scalable deployment options

Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm is compatible with Aperio Image Analysis Workstation, for low volume research requirements, and with Aperio eSlide Manager, for high-throughput server side analysis and sharing of algorithm settings and results with colleagues. Whatever your needs, we can enable you to perform powerful batch slide analysis with comprehensive outputs.

Tune your inputs to see the real picture

With the easy-to-use tuning interface, you can ensure you only analyze what is of interest for your research. Define size and shape of nuclei and probes that should be analyzed. Refine detected signals to exclude artifacts and non-specific staining, and differentiate individual signals within clusters.

Get full control of your analysis

Flexible input parameters coupled with comprehensive, per-cell outputs enable you to optimize for your specific research needs. You have full oversight on the data, with the ability to manually override results for individual cells.

High resolution images for optimal analysis

Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm has been optimized to run at 40x or 63x objective magnification, on images captured with Aperio VERSA or Ariol (RUO). Leica Biosystems imaging platforms provide the high quality digital slides that enable you to get the best analysis results.