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Specimen Identification


Print standard characters, logos and barcodes for reliable specimen tracking. With the Leica IP printers, you choose identifiers that enable trackability in your laboratory.

Specimen Identification Solutions

Make sure the identity of every specimen in your laboratory can be tracked. Leica Biosystems helps you create a secure link between each patient and every sample. Choose a labeler with essential efficacy for legible identification. Enhance your workflow with a tailored specimen labeling system.

HistoCore PERMA S Slide Printer

On‐demand compact ink ribbon print solution for direct print on specimen slides.

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Leica IP S

Batch inkjet printer for direct prints on specimen slides.

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Leica IP C

Batch or on‐demand inkjet printer for direct prints on tissue cassettes.

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CEREBRO is an integrated specimen identification, tracking, and workflow management system designed specifically to meet the patient safety, productivity, and adaptability needs of each individual anatomic pathology laboratory - because every lab is different.

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Specimen Identification matching consumables

Select cassettes, slides, and slide labels. Order now at our online shop.

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Educational Resources

Fixation and Fixatives - Popular Fixative Solutions

In this fourth part of the Fixation and Fixatives series, we look at some of the many popular and traditional fixative solutions that have been used in histology for the last 100 years. This part has an overview of proprietary solutions and...

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An Introduction to Routine and Special Staining

Routine (or H&E) and special stains allow us to visualize otherwise transparent tissue under a microscope and are critical for tissue-based diagnosis.

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Processing Fatty Specimens

One of the most critical steps in histology is fixation, especially when it comes to fatty tissue.

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