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The BOND Family

Fully Automated IHC & ISH Stainers

Each stainer provides a differentiated workflow solution thereby enabling your laboratory to select the stainer that is right for your workflow needs.

Your workflow. Your way.

BOND IHC/ISH Stainers and Solutions

BOND-MAX Stainer

  • Small footprint, bench mounted
  • Average IHC TAT 3.5 hours
  • Flexible & efficient tray loading
  • Check BOND bulk reagents at a glance to support an agile workflow

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BOND-III Stainer

  • Consistent 2.5 hours TAT (IHC)
  • Run batch or continuous modes
  • Flexible & efficient tray loading
  • Continuous access to antibodies, probes & detection systems
  • Floor standing model with small footprint



  • Grow your BOND network with your laboratory
  • You can connect to 30 BOND instruments into a unified systems
  • Enjoy the freedom to allocate any reagent and any slide to any instrument to fully utilize your staining capacity
  • BOND-ADVANCE helps you efficiently mange any workload

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For in Vitro Diagnostic Use

Busting the Myth of the “ Ideal” Workflow

What is the ideal IHC workflow?

Should you run your slides in batches or process them in a continuous flow? Because your lab is unique and each day is full of surprises, there may not be one ideal IHC workflow.

This lecture will focus on how to identify gaps in your IHC workflow using data the lab currently collects and understanding how it correlates to items flowing though the laboratory.

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Make a Difference in Your Laboratory with BOND-III IHC/ISH Stainer


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