The Leica Biosystems’ Process and Solutions team partnered with an academic medical center to examine how to optimize their anatomic pathology space and equipment. The client was most interested in the impact that restructuring the lab can increase efficiency and allow for growth in the histology and immunohistochemistry labs, as their space is insufficient for their needs. In addition, their furniture is immobile and aged. The Leica Biosystems’ Process and Solutions team presented several options to help the client visualize a new layout to achieve their goals of increased capacity and efficiency for their space renovation.

After consulting with the lab directors and staff, the following proposal was created:

The renovated space allowed for:

  • Twelve Microtomy stations
  • Three Embedding stations
  • Large dedicated area for Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry
  • Creation of Bench Supervisor’s space (open)
  • Block/Slide Storage wall
  • Large workspace for Case Assembly
  • Less cross traffic
  • Increase in floor space for expandable microtomy/embedding to accommodate growth
  • Space for necessary items and storage for JIT consumable utilization
  • Flexible layout to adjust space as needed to account for new equipment and next generation items

This proposal accommodated current volume plus an additional 76 blocks per hour embedding and 136 blocks per hour for microtomy. The additional space and equipment enabled a 50% increase in capacity for an 8 hour period.

Instruments used in this case study

HistoCore Arcadia 全自动组织包埋机
包埋站点 + 冷台

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