Sacrifice Perfusion System Stereotaxic myneurolab

Sacrifice Perfusion System Controlled Pressure

Perfusion Two Sacrifice Perfusion Instrument
Perfusion Two Sacrifice Perfusion Instrument

The Perfusion Two Automated Pressure Perfusion system includes an automated air compressor that quietly pumps the air tank of the Perfusion One up to 300 mm Hg and stops. As each animal is being prepared, the pressure is set up to begin at the turn of a switch.

Pressure above physiological pressure is required to clear all blood vessels and leave no red blood cells. Automating the perfusion system gives much greater consistency and more reproducable perfusions, as well as greater convenience and ease of operation.


Quicker Fixation

Pressure washout gets all blood cells out in about 5 seconds. Fixative can get in sooner.

Better HRP or Fluorescence Results

Removing all red bloods cells reduces HRP background and autofluoroesence

Better Tissue Quality

Any red blood cells left block capillaries, and thus access of fixative to tissue downstream. Fast removal of all of them yields more even fixation.

Avoid Soft Tissue Shrinkage

With proper management of fixative tonicity, discussed in the references, you can avoid tissue shrinkage.