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Maureen Doran

Maureen Doran


Maureen Doran is a histologist/co-owner of Saffron Scientific Histology Services (SSHS). Prior to working at SSHS, Maureen worked at SIUC School of Medicine as the Director of the Histology Center for 32 years. She has presented numerous continuing education workshops, lectures and teleconferences for NSH, ASCP and the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.
Maureen is currently President of the Illinois Society for Histotechnologists. Maureen is a member of NSH Health & Safety committee and served as committee chair from 1996-2016. She received the SIU award for Civil Service employee of the year and SIUC Outstanding Civil Service Teaching Support Award. She received the Histotechnologist Of The Year award from the Illinois Society for Histotechnologists and was the recipient of the J.B. McCormick award by NSH.

Published Pieces by Maureen Doran

Histology laboratories perform a wide range of special stains that include multiple chemicals many of which have unique hazards. This workshop will cover the appropriate handling of dyes and reagents used in special stains. The discussion will consist of...

Histology is an occupation that potentially places employees at risk of exposure to chemical hazards. Appropriate hazard and exposure assessment procedures are necessary to protect ourselves and assure a safe working environment for everyone.