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Validating Antibodies for Research Applications in IHC

Will Howat
Will Howat PhD, Director of Antibody Validation & Characterization, Abcam
Damian Cockfield
Damian Cockfield Global Product Manager - BOND, Leica Biosystems

The importance of building a validation structure within your lab cannot be overstated. Once in place, the ability to identify high-quality specific results compared to spurious, non-specific antibody staining on tissue will be easier and allow the researcher to focus on downstream applications, such as single and multiplex IHC. This webinar will focus on the steps and challenges in antibody selection and validation to enable success and reproducibility in antibody staining in IHC .

Learning Objectives

  • How to select and validate antibodies for research applications in  IHC
  • Understand the reagents and tools available today to support the validation of antibodies for research applications in  IHC

About the presenters

Will Howat
Will Howat , PhD, Director of Antibody Validation & Characterization, Abcam

Will Howat joined Abcam in August 2018 and is responsible for leading the global Imaging and Immunohistochemistry team. Prior to joining Abcam, he worked at AstraZeneca as the Team Leader of the Molecular Pathology Group, where his team developed biomarker assays for preclinical, Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials. Before that he was at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute where he set up and ran the Histopathology/ISH core facility for 9 years. He has also worked at the Wellcome Sanger Institute on the Atlas of Protein Expression and was responsible for the R&D for the Immunohistochemistry group. Will has a BSc (Hons) in Immunology & Pharmacology from the University of Strathclyde and a PhD in Pathology from the University of Southampton. He has first-author publications in the Lancet, American Journal of Pathology and Journal of Pathology as well as co-authored publications in Nature, Science, Nature Genetics, and Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Damian Cockfield
Damian Cockfield , Global Product Manager - BOND, Leica Biosystems

Damian is the Global Product Manager for the clinical and research BOND systems and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Damian joined Leica Biosystems as a Scientist in 2007 working on the development of BOND-III. Throughout his career at Leica Biosystems he has held numerous roles working across the broad portfolio of Leica Biosystems products, included spending 7 years based out of the Newcastle UK site before returning to Australia in 2018.

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