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Multiplex immunostaining: Is it ready for clinical practice?

Jan von der Thüsen, Lead Thoracic Pathologist, Erasmus Medical Centre


The introduction of multiplex immunostaining practices, including immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry, has shown great potential for use when pathological specimens have a limited amount of material and/or there is a need for the localization of signals in a single slide. In this webinar, the possible clinical applications of a range of multiplexing techniques and panels will be discussed, including potential methods for analyzing the resulting complex images.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into the potential uses of multiplex immunostaining in clinical pathology
  • Understand the technical and analytical limitations of these techniques

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발표자 소개

Jan von der Thüsen, Lead Thoracic Pathologist, Erasmus Medical Centre

Dr. Jan von der Thüsen is a histopathologist with subspecialist interests in thoracic and cardiovascular pathology. Thüsen received his medical training at the Universities of Cambridge (UK, Trinity College) and London (UK, Imperial College), and his specialist training at Leiden University Medical Centre (The Netherlands). His Ph.D. was also awarded by Leiden University for research into gene therapeutic approaches to atherosclerosis. He developed his subspecialist interest in thoracic pathology during appointments as consultant histopathologist and university lecturer at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in London. Thüsen currently works as the lead thoracic pathologist at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), where his research interests include the pathology of neoplastic diseases of the lung and mediastinum, fibrotic lung disease, as well as the pathology of pulmonary and cardiac transplantation.