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Specimen Identification

Specimen Identification Solutions

Make sure the identity of every specimen in your laboratory can be tracked. Leica Biosystems helps you create a secure link between each patient and every sample. Choose a labeler with essential efficacy for legible identification. Enhance your workflow with a tailored specimen labeling system.


Choose the right printing solution for your laboratory needs

On‐Demand Printing

Select the HistoCore PERMA S for direct on‐demand slide labeling at the microtome workstation.

Batch or On‐Demand Printing

Select the Leica IP C for centralized, high‐volume or on‐demand cassette labeling next to the grossing station.

Batch Printing

Select the Leica IP S for centralized, high‐volume slide labeling.

Leica IP C

Batch or on‐demand inkjet printer for direct prints on tissue cassettes.

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Leica IP S

Batch inkjet printer for direct prints on specimen slides.

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CEREBRO is an integrated specimen identification, tracking, and workflow management system designed specifically to meet the patient safety, productivity, and adaptability needs of each individual anatomic pathology laboratory - because every lab is different.

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Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select cassettesslides, and slide labels. Order now at our online shop.



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