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ACD’s RNAscope Assay fully automated on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX, is becoming the method of choice for tissue-based gene expression analysis for target validation, target safety assessment and biomarker development. ACD has off-the-shelf available greater than 10,000 targets and any new targets for any tissue and any species can be developed within 2 weeks. RNAscope technology surpassed its 500th reference publication recently with almost half of the references coming in the last 12 months. Continuing advances in RNAscope technology now enable a wide range of applications, including the following will be discussed in this webinar:

  • Detection of any mRNA in FFPE and frozen tissues
  • Isoform-specific exon-exon junction detection
  • Point mutations, SNP and tissue-based CRISPR edit validation
  • Single-copy viral RNA and DNA genome detection
  • AAV and Lentiviral vector, viral UTR and codon-optimized transcript detection
  • Cancer, Neuroscience, Infectious disease, Stem cell, inflammation applications

Integration with the Leica Biosystems BOND RX provides:

  • Walkaway high-throughput automation with up to 30 slides per 11-hour run and just 15 minute set up time
  • High reproducibility with run-to-run and operator-to-operator consistency
  • Predefined singleplex, duplex and multiplex chromogenic and fluorescence protocols and Dual ISH/HIS assays
  • Premier integrated in-lab support approach to ensure optimal success or outsourced Pharma Assays Services options

November 9, 2016 12:00 PM CST

Register for Breakthrough RNAscope ISH Assays for Detection of mRNA

RNAscope technology and BOND RX systems are enabling faster and more rigorous tissue-based target and biomarker research with cell-specific, single-molecule sensitive RNA detection in the context of complex disease microenvironments furthering and complementing antibody/protein expressions studies. The technologies, methods and applications will be illustrated.


Speaker: Chris Bunker, PhD, VP Business Development is the Vice President of Business Development at Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) in Hayward, California. Dr. Bunker did his doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. Robert E. Kingston at Harvard University, investigating the oncoprotein function in regulating gene expression and chromatin structure in cancer model systems. Dr. Bunker continued work in cancer biology with a Leukemia Society of America postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick O’Farrell at the University of California, San Francisco, where he investigated developmental cell cycle control mechanisms. Following his postdoctoral research, Dr. Bunker joined Genome Therapeutics Corporation (GTC) as a senior scientist in cancer functional genomics, where he established a gene expression profiling platform to cancer target discovery. Dr. Bunker also has an M.B.A from Boston University. Dr. Bunker has put his scientific knowledge to use in business development activities for ten years at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) and for the past six years at Advanced Cell Diagnostics.

Register for Breakthrough RNAscope ISH Assays for Detection of mRNA