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Leica HER2 FISH System for BOND Fully Automated HER2 FISH Solution

The Leica HER2 FISH System for BOND combines PathVysion®* LSI® HER2/CEP17® FISH probes (supplied by Abbott Molecular Inc.) and advanced BOND automation.

Now laboratories, pathologists, and ultimately patients can benefit from easy and accurate FISH assessment of HER2 gene status in breast cancer tissue.

  • Easy - eliminate manual complexity and increase standardization through automation
  • Efficient - create a Lean workflow with single or batched cases
  • Accurate – deliver accurate results for high diagnostic confidence
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This product is not for sale in the USA.

*PathVysion, LSI, and CEP are trademarks of Abbott Molecular Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used under License. Please refer to the Documents section for further information.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Product Features

BOND HER2 FISH e-Learning

Increase your knowledge and test yourself. The interactive e-Learning course assists histologists and pathologists considering HER2 testing by covering all aspects of the HER2 FISH System for BOND.

BOND HER2 FISH e-Learning course.

Easy to Use

PathVysion probes, full automation, and comprehensive training makes it easy to consistently produce high quality stained slides.

Efficient Operation

Work smart, increase efficiency, and provide an improved service to your clinicians and clients. BOND automation and ready-to-use reagents to create optimized, Lean workflows.

Material Safety Data Sheets