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IHC and ISH solution that delivers optimal results

Fully Automated Novocastra antibodies, CISH & Kreatech FISH probes for BOND

Leica Biosystems delivers a range of solutions to meet your laboratory needs –antibodies for IHC, CISH/FISH probes, detection systems & ancillary reagents for both fully automated and manual workflows.

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Primary Antibodies for IHC

Primary Antibodies for IHC

Spanning across 14 pathologies, Leica Biosystems offers laboratories a comprehensive range of clinically relevant antibodies which can satisfy the demand for most demanding workflow. The Novocastra range of antibodies aims to provide labs with high quality, reliable staining that supports optimal patient care.

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Fully Automated FISH Probes for BOND

Fully Automated FISH Probes for BOND

The use of automated ISH testing is growing rapidly in cancer diagnostics. The FISH probe menu on BOND fully automated IHC/ISH stainers offers an extensive range of probes for FFPE tissue.
Easy - Reduce complexity & increase standardization Efficient - Achieve rapid results with minimal hands-on time.
Accurate - Deliver consistent, high-quality staining that supports accurate patient diagnosis.

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BOND Automated IHC & ISH Detection Systems

BOND Automated IHC & ISH Detection Systems

Create a complete IHC (immunohistochemistry) and ISH (in situ hybridization) staining solution with our BOND automated detection systems. The BOND automated detection solutions include Compact Polymers detection, ancillary reagents, and consumables everything you need to produce the consistent, high-quality stains that pathologists rely on.
Your workflow, Your way.

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The Value of a Ready-To-Use Primary Antibody

With increasing laboratory pressures to drive for efficiency improvements, more customers are adopting Ready-to-Use primary antibodies than previously. RTUs are optimized to work with specific detection systems and other ancillary reagents which require minimal optimization by the laboratory staff.

This presentation reviews the value to laboratory efficiency improvements.

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Did you know that automating FISH can reduce hands-on time by 81%?

Leica Biosystems is pleased to announce the expansion of our Kreatech FISH probes for the BOND IHC/ISH stainers combining the benefits of Kreatech REPEAT-FREE technology with workflow efficiency and reliability of the fully automated IHC/ISH stainers, the expanded menu of FISH probes for BOND represents an advancement in automating FISH testing.
In this webinar, presented by Susan Corlett, CG (ASCP) Application Specialist Cytogenetics shares a detailed overview of the benefits of FISH testing and in particular, how automating FISH testing can increase consistency and reproducibility while reducing manual labor time. You will gain better understating of FISH automation and knowledge on how to utilize Fluorescence microscopy, including common issues.

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Comparison of Manual and Automated FISH Processing

The study compares the time, efficiency, and quality of stains of processing FFPE tissue slides on the fully automated BOND-III IHC/ISH stainer to a manual method, the ThermoBrite Processing System from Leica Biosystems.

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Kreatech FISH Probes for BOND

Leica Biosystems offers a range of fully automated FISH probes for FFPE tissue on the BOND IHC/ISH stainers. The workflow efficiency and reliability provided by the BOND IHC/ISH fully automated stainers combined with the Kreatech REPEAT-FREE probe technology represents advancements in automated FISH testing.

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