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HistoCore SPIRIT ST Automated Slide Stainer

Superb Staining Quality – Trust in every slide

The HistoCore SPIRIT ST stainer produces consistent high-quality slides supporting accurate diagnosis. Its intelligent staining optimized technology ensures vivid color contrast from slide 1-3000 without attenuation.

The intuitive bath layout, an efficient reagent management system and a slide counting function ensures superb staining quality with minimal labor interference.

  • Self-coordinated staining optimization technology - ensures vivid color contrast and consistency
  • Consistent staining quality from slide 1-3000 - more value obtained from every RFID-coded reagent bottle
  • Precise Reagent Management with Automated Slide Counting Function and slide statistics report - Ensures consistent staining quality and provides convenience for lab financial auditing
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Reveal critical details for diagnosis

An internationally patented staining formula ensures high staining quality by demonstrating crisp nucleus details and differentiation between connective tissue and cytoplasm, regardless of tissue types.

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Consistent staining quality from slide 1-3000

Intelligent staining optimized technology to ensure vivid color contrast and color consistency from slide 1-3000 without attenuation. As a result, more values can be obtained from every single bottled stains.

Slides consistency

Precise Reagent Management System

Reagent conditions and exchange cycles can be precisely monitored via RFID-coded stain kits and reagent exchange report. A slide counting function, reagent exchange reminder and log, as well as stained slide statistics help minimizing manual work, saving time, controlling costs, and facilitating easy audit in the lab.

Slide counting

Intuitive Bath Layout & User-Friendly GUI in Chinese

The easy-to-use software of the HistoCore SPIRIT ST Stainer provides a predefined bath layout for H&E staining and eliminates the need of manual mapping. Stations can be easily identified and grouped by colors. Hence it minimizes hands-on interaction and improves the lab efficiency.

bath layout

Run & Track Multiple staining racks in parallel

The HistoCore SPIRIT ST Stainer allows maximum 11 racks (330 slides) processing at the same time. On-screen count-down timer of each processing rack allows users to track staining workflow intuitively and efficiently.



Instrument Dimensions (W x D x H) : 1136 x 670 x 550 mm (close hood)
1136 x 670 x 870 mm (open hood)
Empty weight : 88 kg (without reagents and accessories)
Overall weight : 97 kg (with reagents and accessories)
Nominal supply voltage : 220 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
Power consumption : 650 VA
Device weight including packaging : 147kg
Instrument dimention with packaging (W x D x H) 1310 x 820 x 920 mm


Throughput : 240 H&E slides per hour
(with pre-installed Leica protocol)
Loading capacity : 1 Rack, with 3 optional loading buffer stations
Unload/storage capacity : 1 Rack
Drying oven stations : 1 built-in oven
Temperature of oven chamber : 30 ~ 65 °C
Slide rack capacity : 30 slides per rack
Reagent container volume : Max. 470 ml
Number of stations : 26
Number of reagent stations : 18
Number of wash stations : 5


Memory capacity of staining protocols : 100 protocols
Max no. of steps per program : 25
LCD (W x H) : 10.1" (235 x 143 mm)
Precise slide counting : Yes
Reagent Management System : Yes
Fume control : Carbon filter + vented system


Workstation Integration :

Leica CV5030 Fully Automated Glass Coverslipper

Certifications : NMPA

HistoCore SPIRIT ST Automated Slide Stainer Parts/Accessories